SUPER SIDEKICK RULER from Jaybird Quilts

SUPER SIDEKICK RULER from Jaybird Quilts

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    Due to the oversized dimensions there is now a postage surcharge included in the price.

    "So why did I come up with the Super Sidekick ruler? I was having a lot of fun coming up with patterns and designs using the Sidekick ruler shapes. And every time I wanted to make something bigger with the diamonds and triangles, I was wishing I had this bigger, bolder version of my Sidekick ruler. And then the Super Sidekick ruler was born!"

    Why invest in yet another ruler? If the tool makes your piecing and cutting more accurate, quicker, and your results more satisfying, isn't it worth it???

    • Super Sidekick cuts 3 shapes, diamonds, 60-degree triangles and half triangles, in 8 sizes, from 1 1/2" up to 8 1/2"!
    • Share your Super Sidekick action shots and creations using #SuperSidekickRuler on social media


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