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Trending Triangles from Bear Paw Productions  # CGRBH1 Learn to Paper Piece by Nancy Mahoney All Points Patchwork English Piecing Techniques
Create 134 blocks using just half square triangle units!
Three fun, innovative sampler settings each based on a different block size.
Perfect for building a block-of-the-month class.
Guide to using the Creative Grids Half Square 4-in-1 Triangle Ruler CGRBH1 to make 8 HST at a time. RULER SOLD SEPARATE

Create half-square triangles (HST) in multiple sizes using the same tool. Whichever technique is used in the pattern you choose can be completed with this ruler. Designed by Brenda Henning, Bear Paw Productions

Instructions show four different ways to sew HST's. VIDEO

This, however, is just a stepping stone. ANY pattern featuring half-square triangles can be made with one of the four techniques explained in the instructions for this tool. Watch the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RETkZz6x81g) and be prepared to be amazed!

Method #1 - Create eight half-square triangles out of a set of squares.
Method #2 - Cut ready to sew sets of triangles from strips.
Method #3 - Mark and Sew 1/4" seam lines.
Method #4 - Trim Over-sized HST's to the correct size.
Choose the method that works best for you.

A Visual Guide to Piecing with Precision

Resolve the mystery of precisely constructing quilt blocks with paper piecing. Nancy Mahoney guides you step-by-step through the basics and shows you how fun paper piecing can be. You'll be amazed when you discover how easy it is to master this empowering technique. Welcome to the definitive guide to paper piecing!

Achieve the precision you're after as you learn the secrets of pattern and paper selection, how to choose the right scrap size, and how to keep your piecing accurate More than 30 how-to photos, combined with easy to understand directions, ensure accurate, successful block construction You'll be asking yourself, ""Did I really sew that?"" as you create complex design elements you never thought you could tackle.
The key to perfect patchwork is getting all of the points to match up -- which is no easy feat! Thanks to the rediscovery of a traditional technique known as English paper piecing, success is now possible for quilters of all levels. By cutting the desired shapes from paper, basting the paper to the back of your fabric, and then hand-sewing the pieces together, you’ll ensure perfectly matched points every time.

This complete course in English paper piecing takes you far beyond traditional hexagons with step-by-step photos showing you how to connect triangles, octagons, diamonds, jewels, triangles, tumblers, pentagons, and curved shapes. It even provides dozens of ideas for incorporating the pattern designs into clothing, pillows, quilts, and home decor items!
Bullseye Quilts from Vintage to Modern by Becky Goldsmith Foolproof Walking-foot Quilting Designs by Mary Mashuta Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting
INSPIRED BY VINTAGE QUILTS...This complex-looking quilt comes together easily thanks to step-by-step paper-piecing instructions.

Take your machine’s walking foot for a walk on the wild side and move beyond basic stitch-in-the-ditch quilting! In her follow-up to best-selling Foolproof Machine Quilting, award-winning author Mary Mashuta teaches you how to quilt attractive lines, curves, and geometric shapes with a walking foot. The book includes a multitude of designs, each adapted for walking-foot quilting and marked with clock icons to indicate the skill level and time required to accomplish it. This visual guide provides an inspirational gallery of 30 finished quilts and is enhanced by detailed photos of successfully quilted blocks, center panels, sashing, borders, and corners. Photo tutorials show stitching in action for 50+ free-motion quilting designs to create modern quilts with classic style! Popular blogger and designer, Natalia Bonner, illustrates her instructions with detailed photos that make it easier to get beautiful results on your home sewing machine. Learn how to quilt all-over, as filler, on borders, and on individual blocks…using loops and swirls, feathers and flames, flowers and vines, pebbles and more! Includes tips for choosing batting and thread, layering and basting, starting and stopping, and prepping your machine are included. After you’ve practiced, show off your new skills with six geometric quilt projects.
Next Steps in Machine Quilting: Free-Motion & Walking Foot Inspired Free-Motion Quilting by Bill Volckening & Mandy Leins Quilt With Tula And Angela
Professional Results on Your Home Machine
Free-motion fans, rejoice! Natalia Bonner is back with a follow-up to her wildly successful first book that boasts 50 new modern, sophisticated designs that encourage quilters of all skill levels to stretch their skills on a home sewing machine.

A variety of simpler straight-line and free-motion motifs invite beginners to dive in, while designs that modernize more traditional patterns will challenge intermediate and advanced sewists.

Ever since Natalia Bonner wrote her first book, Beginner’s Guide to Free-Motion Quilting, she’s wanted to write a second book on machine quilting . . . and here it is! Now it’s time to take the skills she shared in the first book and move out of your comfort zone, break away from the basics, and add...

Full size patterns can be used for practice or marking quilt tops, and tips on a wide range of topics—supplies, embellishments, layering, and basting—open up a world of endless variations.50 new modern, sophisticated designs challenge quilters of all skill levels to stretch their skills.

Full-size patterns for more elaborate designs can be used for practice or to mark quilt tops.
Tips on supplies, layering, basting, and adjusting machine tension.
INSPIRED BY VINTAGE QUILTING MOTIFS: 90 Antique Designs re-interpreted for Today's Quilter ...Stitch ninety free-motion quilting designs to keep history alive. Collector Bill Volckening and quilter Mandy Leins share free-motion motifs inspired by eighteenth- and nineteenth-century quilts from the Volckening Collection.

160 pages

Two of the biggest celebrities in quilting take the guesswork out of color, shape and line, giving their brilliant aesthetic punch to 17 quilt patterns. This start-to-finish guide also includes essentials on tools, quilting, backing and binding, plus 24 quilting motifs.

Quilters get almost giddy over Tula Pink's cool, innovative style and use of color. As they move through her latest book, they'll be ready to toss out that primitive color wheel and commit to the Tula Pink approach. In this book, this innovative designer will give you a comprehensive color education by simply pairing one quilt shape with one color family in each chapter. You can step through 17 quilts of varying sizes, including the final rainbow chapter, because ""everyone loves rainbows.""

You will also get to eavesdrop on the creative collaboration between Tula and Angela Walters: no vague advice to ""quilt as desired"" in this book. Angela chooses from 24 quilting motifs she provides to lend the ultimate surface interest to every project. Tips and techniques on binding, backing, piecing and tools are invaluable, and as always the book will be heavy on colored illustrations.
Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters Artful Improv by Cindy Grisdela Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting
Forget step-by-step instructions and copycat designs. In The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters,
Sherri Lynn Wood presents a flexible approach to quilting that breaks
free of old paradigms. Instead of traditional instructions, she presents
10 frameworks (or scores) that create a guiding, but not limiting,
structure. To help quilters gain confidence, Wood also offers detailed
lessons for stitching techniques key to improvisation, design and
spontaneity exercises, and lessons on color. Every quilt made from one
of Wood’s scores will have common threads, but each one will look
different because it reflects the maker’s unique interpretation.
Featured throughout the book are Wood’s own quilts and a gallery of
contributor works chosen from among the hundreds submitted when she
invited volunteers to test her scores during the making of this
groundbreaking work.
Learn to be a Modern Quilter, Learn to let go of traditional confines and improve your creativity:

Learn to use simple design principles to create unique improvisational quilts. Without using patterns, learn 5 easy piecing techniques to add to your improvisational toolbox—angled stripes, circles, blocks, curved strips, and inset strips—and watch the art unfold before your eyes.

Focus on color combos and negative space to discover your personal style, and then add dazzling texture with free motion stitching. With finished art quilts as unique as you are, you’ll want to hang one in every room! + Embrace your creative spirit! Practice improv quilting.

Using 5 easy blocks, circles, and strip sets. + Design with negative space, color recipes, and even
irregular edges. + Finish quilts with free-motion texture and sleeve-free
wall-hanging techniques.

96 pages
AUTHORS: ANGELA WALTERS and CHRISTA WATSON In this must-have resource, long-arm-quilting expert Angela Walters and home-sewing-machine specialist Christa Watson team up to provide the ultimate guide for machine quilters. Gain insight into long-arm quilting, as well as guidance on quilting at a sit-down sewing machine. Whichever machine you use, you'll find warm encouragement and expert tips to help you every step of the way.

Learn from the masters as you discover how to stitch a wide range of quilting designs, with instructions for 10 quilts

  • Find out why some designs and motifs are ideal for sit-down quilting while others are better suited to long-arm quilting
  • Packed with tips, tricks, and advice on how to machine quilt better, you'll learn everything you need to know to get started confidently and finish strong
  • Learn from the masters as you discover how to stitch a wide range of quilting designs, with instructions for 10 quilts
  • 144 PAGES
Quilts of Iceland from GE DESIGNS
In this beautiful 158 page, full color book, Gudrun takes you on a journey of her home country of Iceland through her quilts that are inspired by nature, Iceland’s history of handwork and the heritage of Icelanders. The journey is complete with multiple color photos from the tours she gives quilters and tour groups as well as treasured recipes from family and friends of Icelandic treats.

Full color instructions for 18 original quilts of different sizes, using Gudrun’s innovative techniques and tools such as the Stripology rulers.