What is the return policy?


All sales are final. Due to manufacturer and distributor delays, many orders are taking longer than usual to ship. Restock from fabric makers has been exceeding normal delivery times. Our website does not show inventory status.

PAYING BY CHECK: Remit payment made payable to Vintage & Vogue, P.O. 1618, Nashua, NH 03061

FABRIC: When ordering fabric, we will custom cut it off the bolt, especially for you. Custom cut yardage is not returnable or exchangeable. ALL FABRIC COLLECTIONS are all custom cut, in house, and are NOT refundable or returnable. Backorders for out of stock fabrics will be shipped at our expense. Due to slow restocking from fabric warehouses, there may be a delay in receiving out of stock backorders.

Should you have an urgent need of something for a quilting retreat, class, or other event, we recommend you 1) Use the comment field when you are placing the order to advise us of your deadline, and 2) Email us using the contact us button and we be in touch with you.

We recommend that if you are unsure of a fabric that you order a 1/2 yard cut to see if it is just what you need before ordering larger quantities. The appearance of colors does vary from computer to computer.

Refusing a shipment does not constitute and AUTHORIZED RETURN Any and All Merchandise returned without an approved RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER (RA #......) will be treated as a donation and given to a local quilting charity.

PATTERNS & BOOKS: Patterns and books are not returnable due to the copyright of the designers and authors.

RESERVATIONS: A RESERVATION is a COMMITMENT to buy and you are making a DEPOSIT towards the purchase price of the Fabric. The Fabric is NOT 50 Cents/ half yard!

It is your affirmation that you WILL purchase an item and complete payment for it. Please read the item description so that you are aware of the total purchase price per half yard and the amount due, per half yard upon shipment. RESERVATIONS must be made with a credit card. Payment by any other method will not be accepted for Reservations.

Should you fail to complete the purchase, the Reservation FEE will be forfeited, in full. We have reserved product that then becomes unavailable for others to buy. Repeated cancellation of RESERVATIONS can result in being unable to place future reservations.

QUILT KITS: Quilt kits are non refundable. These are custom cut, just for you.

ITEMS SHIPPED IN ERROR: If you received a damaged or defective item, we’ll ship you a replacement of the exact item, at our expense. If we have sent you the wrong item, we will arrange for return of the mis-shipped item at our expense and quickly send you out the corrected product, at our expense.

SHIPPING FEES: Please remember that Shipping Fees are never refundable. They are an expense that is incurred when sending the items you have chosen.


We are aware of your order as soon as you place it.

The cart has limited order status settings:

Processing, Pending Shipment, Partially Shipped, Shipped, Awaiting Payment

Processing means that your order is being prepared, restock on patterns, books, notions or fabric has been ordered, and your order is being prepared. Do not worry if your order says processing. It doesn't mean we are ignoring it. It means we are waiting for something to happen that changes the status. Often with fabric, we go straight from processing to shipped.

Pending Shipments are those that are due to ship within 24-48 hours, pending the arrival of restock, and the completion of your order preparation. For a pattern, etc. this means we know the restock is about to arrive, we've printed your invoice, we're ready to seal the package and ship.

Partially Shipped means not all of the items in your order have shipped and in the comment section, we have put notes.

If you did not receive an order confirmation, check your spam folder. Some email hosts automatically reject emails generated via computer.

Sometimes you have failed to enter your email address correctly and therefore you haven't received the confirmation.

Shipped means just that. Your order has shipped in full. Nearly all orders are shipped via USPS. If you need to know what day your package will be arriving, sign up for INFORMED DELIVERY at the USPS.COM.

It will notify you of each and every item coming for delivery.


Updated 6-1-21