Tarrytown Chintz Cream Quilt Top Kit  by MIchelle Yeo

Hillensberg Quilt Pattern by MIchelle Yeo

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Product Code: Tarrytown-HILLENSBERG
This beautiful quilt was inspired by a block I designed for the first edition of a newspaper produced by a Quilt Shop in Germany. I loved the basic design of this block and so I adapted it as I knew it would look stunning in my Tarrytown fabric collection. I designed two further blocks of a similiar style to add variation to the quilt. Hillensberg is set in a medallion style with each round featuring a different block.
Finished Size 75" x 75"

Designer: Michelle Yeo

If you are looking for a classically designed fabric, with elegance and grace, you need look no further than Michelle Yeo. In her premiere collection for Henry Glass,


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