Rootbeer & Cotton Candy Quilt Pattern by Heartspun Quiltsshows a traditional quilt in pinks and browns on a cream background.

Rootbeer & Cotton Candy Quilt Pattern by Heartspun Quilts

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Rootbeer & Cotton Candy shows my love affair with pink and brown fabrics and is so soft and cuddly. It features three different blocks: two have pinwheel units and one has square-in-a-square units. The square-in-a-square block is made using Open Gate's Fit to be Square ruler, which makes construction a breeze and guarantees perfect units! These three blocks give the quilt interesting movement. The quilt reminds me of seersucker pajamas I wore as a young girl and perhaps would have been at a sleep over, staying up all night on a sugar high, drinking soda and eating candy like... you guessed it!! Geez... I could never do that now!!! Rootbeer & Cotton Candy is also fat quarter friendly! Quilt measures approximately 86" x 86". Designer Pam Buda


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