WOOL FABRIC: Passionate Purple (READ BELOW)

WOOL FABRIC: Passionate Purple (READ BELOW)

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Hand-Dyed Made in America wool in rich, vibrant color. All dimensions are approx. 50" is the width of the cloth.100% wool, milled in the United States. It is dyed one yard at a time. The unique dyeing process results in complex, saturated, mottled colors. The wool is felted in this process so it is ready for your appliqué or hooking project. NOTE: Due to the nature of color and your computer monitor, the color you see may vary from the way it appears on your screen. We have taken every effort to post the most accurate image possible. Each hand-dyed piece is different and will vary in the shading due to the mottling and the process for dying.

WOOL IS LIGHTWEIGHT and the cart usually over estimates the shipping charges. NOTE: The cart will not display the size in the item description, only the price.

1 YD= $100.00 32" x 50"
1/2 YD= $55.95 16" x 50
1/4 YD= $29.00 16" x 24"
1/8 YD= $15.95 12" x 16
1/16th YD= $9.00 6" x 8"


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