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Goodwill To All Hand Embroidery Quilt Pattern by Kathy Schmitz All Hallow's Eve Hand Embroidery Quilt Pattern by Kathy Schmitz Garden Sampler Stitchery Quilt Pattern from Kathy Schmetz
Goodwill to all and peace on Earth! This hand embroidered small wall decor is a cheerful way to celebrate the season of giving. 14in x 18in

This little wall decor is a great way to greet the spooky goblins that visit every Halloween. Hand embroidery and piecing pattern. Included with the pattern is printed banner fabric! Simply apply your own fusible web, cut out, iron on! 14in x 18in

Are you a gardener? This sampler is for all of us that look forward to the spring when new green shoots start to peek out from the damp earth.

Follow along with my series of video tutorials to learn how to transfer or trace the design onto your fabric, stitch the variety of embroidery stitches, and finally, how to frame your finished piece. The videos are available on my YouTube channel - To the Point with Kathy Schmitz

Fits an 8" x 10" Frame

BOOK:  Hand Embroidery Stitches At a Glance Vintage Christmas Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern from Lori Holt Bringing Home the (Christmas) Tree Cross Stitch Pattern

From Landauer Books by Janice Vaine: Hand Embroidery - Stitches at-a-glance features complete step-by-step how to for 30 favorite embroidery stitches such as backstitch, blanket/buttonhole stitch, chain stitch, feather stitch, fly stitch, French knot, running stitch, stem stitch and much more. Also, includes dozens of embroidery stitch options to inspire creativity along with tips and techniques. Needle and thread charts for handy reference. Presented in a clear, concise format.

Lori’s Christmas-inspired sampler is filled with everyone’s favorite holiday sights – candy canes, a gingerbread man and gingerbread house, a stocking, an ornament and Santa Claus! The cross stitch pattern takes inspiration from Lori’s newly-released Vintage Christmas Book!

The Vintage Christmas Sampler pattern comes with full-color instructions, diagrams and supply list, including suggested DMC and AuriFloss colors. It is printed on durable 11in x 17in cardstock. The cross stitch is designed to work on 10-count cloth and approximately finishes at 9-1/2in x 12-1/2in. Works great with an 11in x 14in frame.

Finished size: 9-1/2in x 12-1/2in

It’s just not Christmas until you bring home the Christmas tree! Bringing Home the Tree by Lori Holt and It's Sew Emma depicts the most exciting event of the season, selecting the most perfect tree in the lot to bring the holidays home.

The nostalgic memory of station wagons and evergreens is studded with drifting snowflakes and a simple sampler to caption the scene.

The Bringing Home the Tree Cross Stitch Pattern comes with:
  • full-color instructions
  • diagram
  • supply list, including suggested DMC and AuriFloss colors.
  • It is printed on durable 11” x 17” cardstock.

The cross stitch is designed to work on 14 Count Aida and
It is designed to fit in an 8” x 10” frame or why not Make it as a pillow?

Finishes at 9.25” x 7”.
Floral Redwork Redwork Quilt Pattern from Bird Brain Designs Cats Perfect World Embroidery Redwork Pattern from Bird Brain Designs Dogs Perfect World Embroidery Redwork Pattern from Bird Brain Designs
Pillow 12-1/2in x 16-1/2in. Anging 10-1/2in x 11-3/4in. Journal Cover 7-1/2in x 10in. Sachet 7in x 7in. (Composition Journal Sold Separately)
We LOVE our cats! My Mr. Kitty is very special furry friend, a rescue cat who lives at my house. This Red Work design honors ALL kitties in the world. Make a difference in the life of these critters and make a Red Work for your special cat.

The large design is 8" x 10" and the small design is 5" x 7".

The red and white mouse toy is 4" x 2 1/2".

We LOVE our dogs! Mackenzie and Campbell are our very special Furry Friends. This RedWork design honors ALL dogs in the world. Make a difference in the life of these critters and make a Red Work for your special dog.

The large design is 8" x 10" and the small design is 5" x 7".

The dog bone toy or pin cushion is 4" x 7".

Sunflower Jar Embroidered Quilt Pattern Stitch Heart Sampler An Embroiderer's Blessing from Crabapple Hill Studio
Stitch Heart Sampler
Our Price: $10.00
Sunflowers, oak leaves, acorns, and berries fill a canning jar with the beauty of the Autumn garden! This crayon tinted and embroidered design measures approximately 6"x 7 3/4".

What a pretty way to learn more than 14 stitches and have a sampler to refer to handy! It even has a tiny bit of crayon tinting thrown in for good measure! It would be the perfect little project for an embroidery class! So sweet and SO fun!

Image measures approximately 6-1/2in x 7-3/4in and the pattern is for the image only
We're all in it together! I find that my reading glasses are always by my side, especially when I'm stitching!

14" x 10" pattern is for stitchery image only.
Robin's Nest Heart Crabapple Hill Studio Nesting Time Embroidery Pattern by  Crabapple Hill Studio Snow Stitchery Pattern by Crabapple Hill Studio
Stitchery image measures approx. 6-3/4in x 8in. What is sweeter than finding a bird's nest tucked into a flowerpot? Stitched on linen and mounted in a frame, this design could be made in so many different colorways! Use the one I've provided, or choose an array of colors that would better suit your decor!

Pattern image is for 15in w x 21in h
  • Two cheerful snowmen look so happy to be in a snowstorm! 6 1/2" x 7".
  • Pattern is for the stitchery only!
Queen of the Needle by Crabapple Hill Studios Woodland Stitches Embroidery Book from Gingiber Give Thanks Blackwork Embroidery Pattern
Aren't we all Embroidery Queens? At least in our own minds at times? You can display it for the whole world to see in this 5in x 7in stitchery. It's the perfect size for framing. Just a touch of crayon tinting and a few three dimensional stitches make this little embroidery so pretty. The design includes the words Queen of the Needle, as well as a very large needle with teal blue thread, a crown, and a cascade of flowers. It's so pretty! All you'll need is your cup of tea and your favorite chair!
Woodland Stitches 30 Embroidery Patterns for Transfer by Gingiber
Book features a variety of designs for hand embroidery with 30 designs to transfer to cloth for stitching with a variety of stitches and threads.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with ‘folk-art’ flavor in rich Black and Tan.
Our Pilgrims share a harvest bounty as we think the first years of Autumn might have been in the New World!

Enjoy decorating your Harvest Home with this Table Mat for your Thanksgiving celebrations for years to come!

Table Mat or Wall Hanging—12in x 14in
Over the River by Crabapple Hill Studios Redwork Blizzard Buddies from Annies Thread Folk Hand Embroidery
... to Grandmother's house we go! I've always loved that old song... makes me think of Thanksgiving... "Hurray for the pumpkin pie!"

The little family travels in a horse drawn sleigh through the snowy woods & across the river to Grandmother's warm & welcoming farmhouse. You can practically smell the turkey roasting!

The sample was done in black, but you can stitch & piece it in any color way you like! Great to use as a Winter project. Our customers have done brown, red, blue, purple. It's up to you! Better get stitching if you want it done for Thanksgiving!
Features 10 unique redwork quilting projects with more than 17 embroidered interchangeable motifs to personalize a snow village.
Page Count: 48

Skill Level: Confident Beginner
Thread Folk is a modern refresh of an age-old craft. Author Libby Moore teaches basic stitches and how to choose materials, and shares original patterns with easy-to-remove perforated pages. It includes 15 embroidery projects with step-by-step instructions & modern patterns. 14 different stitches from straight stitch to lazy daisy, and techniques to stitch on clothes,tote bags, and pillows

Lecien Crabapple Hill Spring 12 Skein Floss Collection Lecien Crabapple Hill Summer12 Skein Floss Collection Lecien Crabapple Hill  Autumn 12 Skein Floss Collection
100% Cotton, 6 strand floss. A total of 12 skeins

Includes colors: 5012;8012;8022;5014;5009;9004;5024; 5023;5022;8006;8008;5028
100% Cotton, 6 strand floss. A total of 12 skeins

Includes colors: 5012;8012;8022;5014;5009;9004;5024; 5023;5022;8006;8008;5028
100% Cotton, 6 strand floss. A total of 12 skeins

Includes colors: 5012;8012;8022;5014;5009;9004;5024; 5023;5022;8006;8008;5028
Lecien Crabapple Hill Winter 12 Skein Floss Collection BOOK:  Modern Hand Stitching by Ruth Chandler QUILTMANIA: QUILTED AND EMBROIDERED FLORALIES
100% Cotton, 6 strand floss. A total of 12 skeins

Includes colors: 5012;8012;8022;5014;5009;9004;5024; 5023;5022;8006;8008;5028

Enjoy the confidence of knowing basic stitches, then let your stitching spirit play to its heart’s content with pattern and form. Stitching is fun, exhilarating and artistic. For several years, stitch artist Ruth Chandler has looked for just the right stitch reference. Tired of looking, she decided to create the stitch handbook herself and here it is!

• 128 pages of stitches and inspiration for practice, playing
and creating

• 6 stitch chapters with dozens of variations

• Straight Stitches • Cross Stitches • Chain Stitches • Knots • Couching • Making a Stitch Sampler • Gallery of Stitching Ins

Freestyle Embroidered Mandalas features hand embroidery designs, stitches and techniques for creating hand embroidered Mandalas. Includes 60 Stitches and Techniques

When top artists from various disciplines collaborate, the result is bound to be greater than the sum of the individuals' skills. In this unique book, master embroiderers Hazel Blomkamp and Di van Niekerk have come together with fine artist Monique Day-Wilde to create a collection of luminous designs inspired by the beauty and mysticism of mandalas.

Using Monique's original mandala designs as their templates, Hazel and Di have adorned the rounded outlines with creative surface embroidery using a wide range of stitches and techniques in stunning combinations. From simple, monochromatic line patterns to colorful and flamboyant bead-and-thread fusions, the embroidered mandalas will inspire and delight everyone from beginners to the most experienced.

Throughout the book the authors share plenty of ideas and tips, and offer instruction with a fresh approach to surface embroidery. There is a complete stitch gallery with illustrations and instructions for all the stitches and techniques used which includes old favourites, such as simple back- and chain stitches, as well as the more intricate - needle lace, trellis couching and weaving. Beadwork is also explored to add sparkle and finishing touches, and special effects are created by incorporating the occasional bit of trapunto, ribbon embroidery and appliqué.

Both line and color templates of the designs are included, with a detailed stitch diagram and list of threads and materials for every project. A selection of templates also show different embroidery treatments to illustrate how versatile the designs are.

Fall into a captivating treasure trove of whorled stitches and silk, and discover the beautiful world designed by these renowned artists of needle and brush.
Christmas Patchwork Loves Embroidery Hand Stitches, Holiday Projects Snow Happy Whimsical Embroidery Designs to Mix and Match Stitches from the Yuletide -  from Kathy Schmitz
Christmas Patchwork Loves Embroidery Hand Stitches, Holiday Projects by Gail Pan Gail Pan's whimsical, cheerful embroidery style is incredibly easy to re-create, whether you're an experienced stitcher or have never picked up a needle. Think you're too busy to make gifts for the holidays? Finishing is easy with projects that are so portable and quick you can stitch while traveling, socializing, or even as you wait for an appointment.
Gail explains it all: which needles to use, how to choose thread, how to mark the designs on fabric, how to make each stitch, and more Featuring festive designs to bedeck gift tags, bags, wall hangings, Christmas stockings, table runners, sewing accessories, and much more Enjoy a satisfying and relaxing way to decorate your home for the holidays--or create one-of-a-kind gifts from the heart. 80 pages
Simple to stitch and so much fun, these whimsical hand-embroidery projects feature winter's most charismatic characters--snowmen. You won't be able to get enough of these roly-poly snowmen as they cook, sew, quilt, and frolic in a winter wonderland created by you!
Charming snowman patterns let you showcase your handwork while creating adorable decor Easy, portable projects make great gifts and festive holiday decorations--including a table runner, pillow, ornaments, and more Mix-and-match motifs let you customize your embroidery with just a few simple supplies. 80 pages
Best-selling author Kathy Schmitz is back with more exquisite embroidery designs, this time celebrating the charms of the season. Inspired by classic holiday motifs, Kathy shares spectacularly embroidered winter scenes, delightful hand-drawn sketches, and beautiful watercolor paintings in page after page of elegant designs. Create a pillow, tea towels, a needle keeper, wall hangings, ornaments, and more, all perfect for seasonal decorating and gift giving. Embroider fun holiday motifs ranging from jolly snowmen to frolicking reindeer. Kathy’s signature birds and bunnies also make a special appearance, they’ll inspire beginners and beyond to start some seasonal stitching!
15 small, quick embroidery projects are perfect for holiday gifts and decor.
Projects feature 16 embroidery stitches for a range of skill levels.