Shipping Rates

  • As low as $2.88 for Domestic United States
  • Free shipping on orders over $175 for Domestic United States
  • We make every effort to ship all orders, including international packages, at the lowest rate possible. Our shopping cart will quote you a fee. If the cart quotes you a fee that is too high, we will refund you.
  • If the cart quotes you a fee that is too low, in most cases, we will absorb the additional charge. We can never increase a charge on your account, or add to an order without your permission and without you actually entering in an order for an added item, or entering an order in for the extra shipping fee.
  • On a very rare occasion, an item is bulky or very large and the shipping fee varies from what is estimated by the cart and in that case, we will contact you, advise you, and have you make the decision to pay the extra, or cancel the order.
  • We do use FIRST CLASS INTERNATIONAL package and letter rates where ever possible, when shipping internationally and we use priority and priority flat rates to find the best rate for your order.
  • We are quilters, too, and we know you want more fabric, more quilting patterns, not more shipping charges.