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At Vintage & Vogue, we are thrilled to offer our Block of the Month (BOTM) program, a unique quilting experience that allows you to create beautiful quilts one block at a time. Block of the Month programs offer an easy yet exciting way to finish a quilt without being overwhelmed with the project all at once. Each month, you’ll receive a Block of the Month fabric and pattern package that you can work to complete that month's quilt installment. This is also a more economical option, as you pay for the fabric and pattern package monthly as opposed to purchasing it all upfront.
Our team at Vintage & Vogue takes immense pride in selecting the finest fabrics for our BOTM programs. We aim to provide a delightful journey that unfolds over months, allowing you to gradually piece together a stunning quilt. Our monthly shipments of quilt patterns ensure that you stay engaged and motivated as you see your quilt take shape.
Join our BOTM program, and let us guide you through the process of creating a masterpiece quilt. Whether you are a seasoned quilter or just starting out, our BOTM program offers a wonderful opportunity to hone your quilting skills and create something truly exceptional without a significant upfront investment. Experience the joy of quilting with Vintage & Vogue's BOTM program today.



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Enjoy quilting with the ease of a monthly accomplishment. Sign up for our quilt Block of the Month today!

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