QUILTMANIA 2018 MYSTERY QUILT SERIES Designed by Karen Styles of Somerset Patchwork

  • If you prefer we can take your enrollment over the phone. PLEASE call us if you will be using a debit card.
  • The whole aspect of inserting a number after the price to show the frequency of billing is very confusing. The 2 stands for every other month. Yet they require that we put some number in here to enable us to be able to bill at a later date.. even if it is an item that will only be billed once-such as the backing.

  • The cost of the fabric pack + magazine (which has the pattern) with shipping is $72.99 per installment.
  • If you already get the magazine, the cost is $58.99. and is just the fabric pack. Again no additional shipping fee.
  • They publish the magazine 6x over the course of a year, or 6 payments/shipments of $72.99 or 6/$58.99 each.
  • The computer wasn't adding shipping to the cost of the program so we are looking into why some are now showing that as an additional charge.
  • We know there are hexagons and shapes which you will either make a paper or plastic myler template for or purchase template sets and/or acrylic template sets to save time and make for more accurate and uniform shapes.
  • You do not need to buy them and should you prefer to wait and see the first installement to see if you need or want them, that is not a problem. Her instructions will tell you more than one way of accomplishing something in certain cases. So she may tell you how to do something by hand applique or how to do it by machine applique or how to do it by english paper piecing (if applicable) so she will give you options and you choose to do it by whichever method you prefer.
  • The backing is a one time purchase, with the third shipment or installment, and the backing is $54.99, with free shipping. This is an additional charge to the regular installment price billed that month.
  • We would be happy to call you to go over the program in detail if you'd like to email us your number.
  • Or you can call us at 603--880--2021. EASTERN STANDARD TIME 10 AM to 6 PM
  • And we're more than happy to take enrollment by phone.
  • If you order it online, it shows you the charge per installment and it will get a authorization for that amount. You will only be charged .50 cents now (plus acrylics if you order them). This enables the order to be saved as a recurring subscription order. There is no charge now for paper pieces, backing or the 6 installment payments. We will credit back the 50 cents on the final shipment.
  • The only thing we ARE billing now is if you order acrylic templates. Those are being custom made and the company needs a count and order for those so that they have enough to fill everyone's order.