Tarrytown Chintz Cream Quilt Top Kit  by MIchelle Yeo

LAST ONE: Eliza's Quilt Pattern by MIchelle Yeo

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Product Code: Tarrytown-ELIZAS


Eliza’s Quilt” is inspired by a quilt made in 1809 in either South Carolina or Virginia. It features a central whimsical floral vase from which a symmetrical vine meanders throughout the quilt featuring bouquets of Broderie Perse flowers cut from a variety of fabrics. A bird and butterflies complete the appliquéd Brorderie Perse quilt center. The two colored ‘Twisted Ribbon’ border deviates from that on the 1809 quilt and is an original design. In the sample quilt the twisted ribbons were first hand pieced and then appliquéd onto the border, however, they can be totally appliquéd if desired.

Designer: Michelle Yeo

If you are looking for a classically designed fabric, with elegance and grace, you need look no further than Michelle Yeo. In her premiere collection for Henry Glass,


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