QUILTMANIA: Simply Moderne Issue No. 22

QUILTMANIA: Simply Moderne Issue No. 22

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  • Portrait of Terrie Mangat
  • Quilt National 2019
  • Portrait of Leslie McCarthy

Your quilts and patchwork projects with patterns and explanations :

  • Beau the Squirrel by Jenifer Dick (download the erratum for this model: Erratum Simply Moderne #22)
  • Earth Tiles Speck Paint by Margarita Korioth
  • Llamarama by Dora Cary
  • Rosita by Liza Prior Lucy and Kaffe Fassett
  • Falling Pointed Leaves by Kenna Ogg
  • Natalie Barnes & Wild Geese
  • The Cutting-Edge Bag by Marcea Owen
  • Petal Sparkles by AGF Studio
  • Monkey Business by Abbey Lane Quilts
  • Boiler Suit by Chris English
  • Sparkler Quilt by Kristen Clay
  • Multiplicity by Diane D. Knott


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