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YOKO SAITO'S New Classic Patchwork
Our Price: $33.99

Original patchwork blocks from a master quilter!

New Classic Patchwork is the sequel to Yoko Saito's Housewarming Patchwork and completes her collection of 156 patchwork designs. A renowned quilt artist, Yoko offers quilters a new cornucopia of original block designs in her signature taupe quilting style. In this collection, Yoko brings her matchless interpretation of folk-inspired blocks: stars, crosses, triangles, pinwheels, circles, and other geometric shapes. Though the blocks are small in scale, each template is gridded and can be easily increased to any size. NEW March, 2014

YOKO SAITO'S Housewarming Patchwork
Our Price: $33.99

Renowned quilt artist Yoko Saito offers quilters a cornucopia of original block designs ranging from traditional quilting motifs like stars, baskets, and flowers to more whimsical subjects like animals, insects, and robots. Designs for ever-popular quilted alphabets are also included.

Use these blocks in your own creations or make one of the 10 beautiful projects included in the book. Included are Yoko's signature bags, baskets, and pouches in her uniquely charming style.

Indulge yourself in Yoko's unique aesthetic. Included are gridded templates for enlargement of designs and piecing.

Our Price: $34.95

NEW: November, 2014 Yoko Saito, an acclaimed designer, quilter, author and teacher from Japan is known around the world for her ingenious use of “taupe color”. In this book, Floral Bouquet Quilts, she once again uses fabric and design to create exquisite works of art. She offers 29 different projects from pouches and bags to cushion covers and wall quilts, including an interesting three dimensional technique for flower petals. If you love Yoko Saito’s designs, this book is sure to please you. At long last this book is available in English! Exquisite publication!!

Yoko Saito's Quilts & Projects from my Favorite Fabrics
Yoko Saito's Quilts & Projects from my Favorite Fabrics
Our Price: $34.95

DESCRIPTION What better way to celebrate her twenty years anniversary of designing fabrics for LECIEN than by publishing a book full of bags, quilts and projects. Yoko Saito, quilter and designer extraordinaire, renowned for her stunning use of Japanese-inspired “taupe colors” gives us yet another book in her quintessential style. There are twenty-eight fabulous projects patterned in this book along with basic “how-to’s” for patchwork and quilting using her methods.
Our Price: $34.99

Ms. Saito, an acclaimed quilter, teacher and designer from Japan, wows again.  In this book, she designed a variety of bags that were
inspired from her many travels around the world.  The collection of bags
reflect the cultures and geography from her perspective as she takes us
through Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and the United
States of America.  Not only are they beautiful and unique in design and
form, they are practical for everyday use. There are 21 projects that
include handbags, shoulder bags, pouches and more. NEW 2014 Paperback.
Our Price: $34.99

Yoko Saito, a prominent quilt artist in Japan, is known for her
exquisite designs and ingenious use of "taupe color." Her soft and subtle palette showcases whisper soft gradations of color. In "Strolling
Along Paths of Green, Ms. Saito finds beauty in the most common trees
and plants and interprets them in her quilt projects in such a way that is
unique and beautifully charming.  She offers 33 different projects, including 2 quilts
made up of plants seen through the four seasons, pouches and many kinds
of bags.
(pattern sheets included)
Our Price: $34.99

Ms. Saito is a renowned quilter and teacher in Japan who is widely known
for her mastery and use of "taupe color".  In this book, Ms. Saito
explores varying interpretations of quilted houses from one-dimensional
designs to silhouettes.  In addition to teaching you how to design your
own house block, there are 34 projects from which to choose.  These
include handbags, pouches, carry-all, tissue case, pencil case and wall
(pattern sheets included)
YOKO SAITO'S Scandanavian Quilts
Our Price: $34.99

Yoko Saito, a celebrated quilt artist in Japan, is well-known for
her detailed work and unique use of "taupe color." In this book,
Ms. Saito explores traditional Swedish designs and crafts, translating
them into 27 new projects employing her own unique
design style. The projects include quilts, handbags, soft toys,
kitchen items and accessories.
(pattern sheets included)
Our Price: $37.96

Yoko Saito, a celebrated quilt artist, teacher, author and shop owner
from Japan opens up and shares how she began to design and create what
is now coined as 'Japanese Taupes." In this book, she walks you through
the "simplicity and complexity" of taupe colors and how to lay the
groundwork for
designing and creating your own color collections to achieve the look
you want. You will find 20 color collections shown in traditional or
originally-designed blocks as she integrates step-by-step instructions
on "taupe color theory". Additionally, there are 37 different projects,
with instructions,
from handbags to sewing items
138 Original Applique Designs by Yoko Saito
138 Original Applique Designs by Yoko Saito
Our Price: $42.95

Ms. Saito, famous for her undeniably unique and beautiful color selections and intricate handwork, continues to give the world more wonderful designs in this book chock full of patterns and projects. The 138 designs are a mix of small and large and appropriate for both children and adults. There are 20 projects included in the book from bags and pouches to the more unusual eyeglasses case.

Once again she combines not only applique, but patchwork and embroidery in her creations.

232 pages
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